Back Again


It’s as obvious to me as a pimple on a penis that some very evil forces are going-for-broke in an attempt to plug up the many holes in, and regain control of, their manipulated reality game. Unfortunately not enough are taking notice of what may actually be occurring to effect a meaningful resistance, while blindly bedazzled by the bright lights and constant bombardment of flashy media distractions, and can’t be relied on to be an effective part of the solution while remaining ignorant of the problem. Ergo, don’t hold your breath waiting for a hero to arrive just in the nick of time to save us all from the dreaded many-headed Hydra (and if he/she does, watch out for Hilary Clinton and/or the Anti-Christ!) – you’re on your own, and until you can see that, then you can function effectively in neither your own personal evolution, nor peripherally in the evolution of others (should you presume that right, besides).

Lately  I’ve found myself drawn towards some pretty on-the-edge opinions and paradigms (more than usual, that is), and wondered at first where all this was coming from, and why now. Then I realised that most of this data is more a synthesis of 50 years of undisciplined readings and random researches than revelatory parcels of new information. Over the years each new random discovery or concept slowly pushed/led me along the bumpy weaving path of my quest to this present moment, similar to today’s internet, without the internet… so in the end Alles Gütte.

While most of my sentient life appears totally disconnected and utterly random, as I reach the close I begin to see some reason behind it all – I’m Here… and I’m Now… and I’m prepared to begin the next new exciting phase of this incredible  journey, instead of preparing for what most believe is The End (the best thing about old age is that it will be over soon).

The point of this post is just to share with whomever may be out there my new-found discovery of the writings of Eckhart Tölle, and that much of what he communicates is no more than, as mentioned earlier, a synthesis of my life’s discoveries in a nutshell. Every meaningless little thought that has passed through my brain now makes a little more sense, in context, and though I fear that Tölle may have been hi-jacked by the feel-good pseudo-religious manias of New Agers (Oprah Winfrey? You must be joking!), that’s not his fault. I only hope that in the process the message hidden in his message doesn’t fade away into obscurity – who can still recall the intensity of flying into the Sun with Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, or the deep soul-wisdom found in Illusions? I just went to my library and found a battered, worn, and much loved copy of JLS that hasn’t been touched in at least 30 years, and something stirred deep in my soul as I held it… momentarily lost in time… Then my heart was sad that I haven’t fully appreciated all the wisdom lying forgotten and hidden in my very extensive library, still waiting to be set free, and that I haven’t time left to re-read and re-capture some of those classic magic discovery moments of the past… and that no-one cares enough to seek there for themselves…

Oh dear, I feel that my natural Slavic melancholy is waking from its slumber… time to feed it with some Chopin Piano Concertos… and the most beautiful melody ever composed, Nocturne #2 In E Flat, Op. 9/2, the only melody that consistently brings a lump to my throat, a tingling to my nose, and a tear to my eyes… if I ever wanted a funeral, then that’s  my tune to go out with…

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