Nuremberg: The Last Battle, The Biggest Lie

  •  “If you don’t know History, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree”~ Michael Chrichton

Is Chrichton saying that by studying History (raising one’s “leaf consciousness”) one returns to understanding one’s “roots”?

The past week has been a retreat into History for this thoroughly addicted word-worm. I’ve  just completed David Irving‘s analysis of the Nuremburg post-WW2 Military Tribunal, Nuremberg: The Last Battle. While it’s a medium-sized tome of about 450 pages, it includes another 100 pages of notes and citations which, along with Search Engines, ensure a slow read for the more academically-inclined researcher, and an even slower read for myself.

“What?” I hear you exclaim, “that Nazi-loving Jew-hating mis-informing Revisionist criminal David Irving?”

Goodbye. You may now leave. Your blatant prejudice and self-righteous ignorance excludes you from any informed discussion, and you may take your tattered PC flag with you. I was raised by a Historian, and very early on learned the difference between History, and Propaganda. History begins with the evaluation, comparison, and relative interpretation of source documents, whilst Propaganda ends with mis-information, rumour, hearsay, titillation, fear-mongering, and manipulative lies. It’s called the “Mainstream Media”, and is a sad comment on the ignorance and intellectual numbness of about 88% of the population. Whilst refraining from calling myself an elitist, I certainly don’t need to be part of such a Reality, and prefer to choose my own. Besides, the view from outside the Box/Matrix is much more colourful, vibrant, and informative than that seen from within the maelstrom of a Reality manufactured by those with vested interests.

Any unbiased researcher or enquiring reader can easily differentiate between the two, so it falls that the book in question is more of an objective analysis than any News report, Mag article, or sensationalist Documentary could ever hope to be. Yet it remains at the pinnacle of scorn, shunned and shat-on from great heights by those who would profit economically, intellectually, and socially from maintaining the status-quo . . . while all the sheeple in the paddocks continue to graze on their GM grass with their DILLIGAF noses buried deep in their own excrement, and all the ostriches hide their heads in the resource-rich sands, leaving their rears exposed to be right-royally-rooted by their Masters. And so be it for all time!

It is unfortunately a fact that some of Irving’s work may be interpreted as sympathetic to the Nazi view, but that could be minimised by a thorough analysis of his works, with which I’m currently involved. I guess that on balance I would rather analyse some of his deductions than those of folk who would pervert History to write their own message, or to hide their own monumental crimes against all of Humanity. We can’t consider ourselves informed unless we remain open to all views, even those which we find unpalatable, elst how can we choose between good and evil?

Surely one can’t claim objectivity unless one stands by the famous Evelyn Beatrice Hall quote, wrongly attributed to Voltaire. Anything else can only show that one’s objectivity is in inverse proportion to one’s intellectual insecurity.


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