What Use Is Knowledge?


“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven” ~ William Shakespeare


I was having a conversation over coffee regarding the lack of relative and informed news in the MSM, and was hit with a quote from an “enlighted” New-Ager. That quote is the title of this post. I was stunned, and momentarily speechless (notably unusual). Of course, within seconds I found a myriad of obvious responses,  but before I could open my mouth I realised that words would be totally wasted upon this person, and anyway, the moment for timely response had quickly passed.

What use is knowledge?

Driving home I thought about the separation and  isolation created for any serious searcher who steps outside the parameters of Consensus Reality…

What use is knowledge if it isolates the seeker from those he’d most like to share it with?

What use is knowledge if it can’t, through understanding and wisdom, be used to  improve the human condition, and to help relieve the unbearable suffering of the many?

What use is knowledge if it creates an elitist class of those who know, against those who don’t?

What use is knowledge if its discovery only serves the selfish purpose of egotistic intellectual self-fulfillment?


Can you ever understand the  nature of consciousness while trapped inside a physical body?

While you may see yourself as consciousness experiencing physicality, bound by the laws of Physics and Nature with all their imposed limitations, you may occassionally feel as if you’re Robinson Crusoe. If others have arrived at a similar realisation then they ain’t telling no-one, and the one’s that do tell are usually just spouting New Age Feel-Good Platitudes – Spiritual G.I.’s (GEE I wish I was enlightened).

You’ve Been There, Done That, on your long slow journey towards understanding. And you moved on. But it certainly doesn’t create any elitist fantasies in you as it does in those who are going nowhere – it only  makes you feel more isolated from the herd, still wallowing in their muddy shitty paddock and blissfully thinking they’re in Nirvana.

That’s OK – they’re wherever they need to be at this time; but your problem is the loneliness engendered by knowledge, the loneliness created by divorcing yourself from the ignorance of Consensus Reality and its pack mentality towards anything different, potentially enlightening, or threatening to its perceived status quo. Uncountable are the numbers of times you’ve had to bear the look-down-the-nose, the subtle shake of the head, the exasperated sigh of self-righteous superiority from those self-proclaimed “guides” or “visionaries”, because they could see that you were on the “wrong” path. Surely an “enlightened” entity would be full  of wisdom, patience, and compassion at your weaving fumbling and stumbling attempts to understand the nature of your Psyche?

Still, at least you’re through the wall now, and there’s no going back to the warm fuzzy cuddly comfort of innocent ignorance.

So, where does that leave the odd-balls?

Well, having finally dealt with the door of perception in the high wall of ignorance enclosing Consensus Reality, there’s no possibility of return for you, short of a lobotomy. The initial elation and instant endorphin rush on your escape to freedom is soon tempered by the realisation that there’s SFA out there – you’re totally on your own. Where are all the others? Finally Free, but with no-one to celebrate, no-one to share your elation, your joy, your new-found freedom. Then you slowly realise why: like the birds on the blue horizon they’ve all bolted! Why would they waste time (whatever that is now) hanging around the wall, lingering awhile to savor the security of the past?

Yet the illusory bonds are still strong, and you know you may be tempted, as was Puck, to seek out Another Chink In The Wall, and return to the illusion of the fold…

The loneliness soon becomes overpowering, and you know that it’s time to let go and move away, out into the New, the Now, before your prior addiction to physicality and ignorance drags you back for just one more fix… But the price of return is Faustian… and forever…

What Is The Price Of Ignorance?


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