The Biggest Scam in History

Jorge Montojo

The Biggest Scam in History

Is the new virus the biggest scam in history? There are many doubts about the official version, and skeptics or deniers are emerging all across the planet. Something good had to come from the global village of the internet to fight against the single-mindedness that too many governments are trying to impose. They may hide their smiles with an egalitarian mask, but the mind must fly free and allow itself to doubt rather than accept the new dogma. That is at least the Western tradition that was born in luminous Greece, again at war with a barbarian invasion.

Freedom has been blurred by a propaganda of fear, and government measures bring us closer to the Chinese way of life than any train on the Silk Road. That is why protests are growing all over Europe (immediately demonized by the media mask) against measures that in too many cases are as totalitarian as they are ridiculous.

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