GUILT! One of the heaviest crosses to bear . . .

GUILT is often used by society or others to impose shame, weakness, fear, and self-loathing onto another in order to make the imposer feel better, and self-righteously superior… but not always, as the GUILT that is self-imposed can be even more soul-destroying.

Maybe the GUILT stems from a sense of personal insecurity/unworthiness that manifests as a form of masochistic self-flagellation? In that case then maybe the sufferer could do with some helpful professional advice rather than listen to my rambling theories . . .

My totally amateur (lots of life experience and a dropout from Psychology Studies) view is that to “remove the GUILT” doesn’t remove the precipitating factors – that takes positive determined action with the right focused intent. It may entail some form of contrition and/or confrontation, either with others, or within one’s own Psyche – that’s for the individual to choose relevant to the circumstances… Whatever, it’s a hard battle in which one can only hope to prevail with an outcome that creates balanced harmony for all involved.

Without going into detail, the usual tools of objectively ascertaining the details, seeking the core of the problem and any possible solutions/outcomes, finding one’s available inner/outward resources and how to apply them, then seeking inside for the best choice, are usually the most useful ways to start – such positive action also turns one’s focus away from the GUILT into a more-constructive space . . . .

. . . And I haven’t even begun to discuss the sine qua nons of acknowledgement and acceptance of the causes of that GUILT. . .

(I’m a Dowser, which enables me to look for the signposts using Kinesiology principles, but even such methods can only point the way… if the answer doesn’t presuppose another question, then it just may not be the correct answer).

Just sayin’ . . . .

Whew… really got started there, but I’ve said more than enough for now. Hope it might help the GUILTY!!


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